4 Essential Apps Made For The Modern Driver

Driving apps

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November 30th, 2018

As in all other areas of life, smartphone apps are proliferating for drivers and car owners. These 5 are the ones we’ve found to be the most useful, be they for getting around, for nabbing the best deal on gas prices, for finding parking, and a lot more. Here they are:

1. Waze

Driving app

If you think navigation apps begin and end at the default Apple Maps or Google Maps, you’re holding yourself (and your driving) back. Waze actively and accurately re-routes you around traffic accidents and construction while alerting you to road hazards and police.

2. GasBuddy

Driving app

GasBuddy is a way to find and share gas prices in your area. On top of that, if you join Pay with GasBuddy, you can save 15 cents a gallon on your first fill-up and 5 cents a gallon every fill up after that.

3. RoadTrippers

Driving app

RoadTrippers can help you plan and record short weekend drives or cross-country road trips. Discover local dives, scenic points, national parks, and hotels along the way or take suggestions from friends directly through the app.

4. Parkify

Driving app

No one likes to forget where they parked. Even worse is when you download an app to help you remember, only to realize you forgot to turn the app on and mark your parking spot. Parkify uses the accelerometers in your phone to detect when you have parked and gotten out of your car after which it tags your car’s location — all without you ever opening the app.

5. Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam

Driving app

Dash cams can be expensive, but they’re useful for a lot more than just recording meteor strikes in Russia. Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam records video, travel time, distance traveled, plus your average and top speeds for personal month-to-month comparisons, but that info can also come in handy for insurance purposes.


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