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kambios have an opportunity to work towards the ownership of their own truck, without any upfront cost.
Dedication and hard work always pays off with kambio.
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Kambios are what we call our auto technicians. Kambios are motivated experts, excelling in not only their field, but in speed and service. Most importantly, they are excited about being part of the change in service and convenience in the automotive industry.What’s unique about Kambios is that all work functionalities are conducted and managed via their smartphone with our mobile app. With direct connection to Kambio BASE, our employees are able to view jobs, compare jobs with the truck’s inventory, create inventory POs, view vehicle engine diagram, and most importantly validate OEM specifications on all parts. Your working space is your truck and your smartphone; how cool is that?

How can you apply?

1Begin by telling us about yourself
2Tell us why you’d make a great Kambios
3Submit your resume

FAQ for Kambio Applicants:

We have both full time and part time positions available. Kambios can choose from a pre-fixed schedules to meet their work and life balance.

You are part of seasoned team of Kambios, however you will work independently on a day-to-day basis, on location at your scheduled appointments.

Kambio will provide all parts and tools for you to do your job and to provide excellent customer experiences.

Your territory will be discussed upon hiring, and daily reservations will be provided to you once you login to your Kambio app.

We shall provide you the truck, insurance, parts, and accessories tools. You are only responsible of having your own WSIB account.

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