Tips on how to maintain the value of your vehicle

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August 21st, 2015

Most car owners never worry about the resale value of their vehicle until it comes time to sell it. The value of your car can be maintained throughout the years you own it by following a few simple rules. How you care for your car while you own it has everything to do with the value of your car when it comes time to sell it.

Most importantly is have the oil changed regularly. I don’t even wait for the 5000km limit, as soon as my oil is 3 months old, I change it, even though service interval is 8000km or 6 months. To me it is cheap insurance for my engine, and will show the next buyer my commitment to keeping my car in top shape. Be sure to keep all receipts.

Do not smoke in your car, whether you are a smoker or not. It is near impossible to remove the smell and toxic film that develops on the inside of your vehicle from years of smoking. Even smokers prefer to buy cars that owned by non smokers. Also, clean all interiors stains immediately before they become permanent.

Wax your car at least once per year, not only will it protect the finish of your car, but it will maintain the lustre of paint for decades. The paint job is the first thing a perspective buyer will see when coming to view your car, it helps to make a great first impression.

Get regular tune ups and repair all unusual noises as soon as possible. One worn component in a vehicle will rapidly deteriorate other related components and result in large repair bills.
Lastly, keep mileage to a minimum. Everyone wishes to purchase a vehicle in as new and pristine condition as possible. Therefore a vehicle with lower mileage will definitely command more money than its’ tired million mile counterpart.

Following these simple tips will not only save you money while you own your car, but will also put a few dollars more in your pocket when it comes time to sell it.

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