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Maximizing Engine Health: How Often Should You Change Your Synthetic Oil in Months?

Oil change is one of the most important maintenance steps you must consider when taking care of your car. Oil types differ and many factors influence the frequency of oil change. Today, we will focus on how often to change synthetic oil.


What is Synthetic Oil?

Before we talk about how often to change synthetic oil, let’s understand what it is. Synthetic oil is different from regular oil because it’s made through a special process that removes impurities and changes its molecules. This makes it better suited for modern engines than regular oil, which comes from crude oil.

Synthetic oil lasts longer, performs better, and offers higher engine protection. Because of its carefully designed composition, which increases its resistance to breaking down under extreme heat and high loads, it is the best option for drivers looking to extend the life and efficiency of their engines.

If you want to know oily types and their functions, viscosity rates, etc. consider checking out our other blog “Everything You Need To Know About Engine Oil.”


The Frequency of Synthetic Oil Changes

How often should you change your synthetic oil in months? Many factors influence the frequency of oil changes, such as the type of vehicle, oily type and usage, the driving conditions, etc. We’ll speak about each point in a while. But before that let’s understand the general rule of thumb for synthetic oil change:

  • Generally speaking, it is recommended to change synthetic oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (8,000 to 12,000 km).
  • There are some premium synthetic oils that last up to 10,000 to 15,000 miles or every 6 months. But this depends on the type of vehicle you drive and your driving habits.

Factors Affecting Oil Change Frequency

It’s not a secret that regular oil change is one of the most important car maintenance tips. Let’s check the factors you should consider for oil change frequency:

Driving Conditions

Let’s say you spend most of your time driving for short distances that take less than 5 miles. This means that your car’s engine doesn’t get warm enough, leading to water buildup in the oil. If at first, you might think that short trips don’t use much oil and you don’t need to change it often, the reality is quite the opposite, you should consider frequent oil changes.

Another driving condition is the weather. Extreme weather, which implies too hot or severe cold weather, makes vehicle oil work harder, causing oil to break down faster.
Another condition to consider is driving on a dusty road, which can again increase the dirt in your oil, requiring frequent oil changes.

Another driving condition is the weather. Extreme weather, which implies too hot or severe cold weather, makes vehicle oil work harder, causing oil to break down faster.

Another condition to consider is driving on a dusty road, which can again increase the dirt in your oil, requiring frequent oil changes.

Vehicle Type and Usage

In order to ensure smooth operation, high-performance and turbocharged engines—which run hotter — may need more regular oil changes. In a similar vein, pulling or hauling big weights puts extra strain on the engine, which increases the heating and breakdown of the oil. Conversely, certain hybrid cars may need fewer oil changes since the electric motor reduces the engine’s total workload, preserving the oil’s quality for longer.

Oil Type and Quality

Full synthetic oil has a longer lifespan and provides greater engine protection than synthetic blend oils, which are a mixture of synthetic and traditional oils. To further optimize engine performance and longevity, certain lubricants are further strengthened with unique additives that are intended to prolong the oil’s life, preserve engine cleanliness, and protect against overheating. You should also know what kind of oil to choose based on the weather.

For example, If you are changing your oil in the summer, it’s essential to ensure that you’re using an oil with the appropriate viscosity for higher temperatures, as specified in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. High temperatures can cause oil to thin out more quickly, which might compromise its ability to lubricate the engine effectively. Choosing the right oil ensures your engine is adequately protected, even in the heat of summer, helping to maintain optimal performance and prevent overheating.

Manufacturer Recommendations

For the suggested oil change schedule, which is particular to your vehicle’s requirements, always refer to the owner’s handbook. What happens when you put too much oil in the vehicle? The engine may experience high pressure due to excess oil, which might cause oil foaming and damage the oil’s lubricating qualities. Additionally, it may result in leaks and damage to gaskets and seals, necessitating expensive repairs. It is important to keep an eye on oil levels and adhere to manufacturer guidelines in order to prevent these problems.

Engine Age and Maintenance

While engines with a history of regular maintenance and oil changes encounter fewer problems and may go longer periods between oil changes, older engines, which are more prone to wear and potential oil leaks, may need more frequent oil changes. Oil monitoring systems, which determine when an oil change is required based on driving behaviours, are often seen in modern cars. Regular checks on the quality and amount of your oil are also essential for spotting problems early on and modifying your maintenance plan as needed to maintain the best possible engine health.

Why Stick to the Recommended Frequency?

What happens when you skip an oil change? It can lead to several issues, including but not limited to:

  • The accumulation of debris in the engine
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Increased wear and tear on engine components
  • Potential for engine damage

Regular oil changes are crucial for removing contaminants and ensuring your engine runs smoothly.

Key Benefits of Regular Synthetic Oil Changes

Regular synthetic oil changes are quite beneficial to your car’s engine. First, it keeps your engine clean by reducing sludge buildup. Then there’s smooth running; imagine your engine humming happily, indicating that it’s operating at peak efficiency. And don’t forget about longevity: adhering to synthetic oil changes makes sure it lasts far longer.

Now you know how frequently to change synthetic oil and how important it is. Next time you look for an oil change, contact us for mobile oil changes, which are quick and effective, taking no time and effort from you.

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