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Tesla Mobile Repair Service in Canada


Teslas, like all other electric vehicles, require special care and maintenance that differs from all other gasoline-based vehicles. Kambio is proud to launch our new services tailored custom to our clients who drive a Tesla. You can now book an appointment for mobile Tesla car repair, tire change, and vehicle maintenance. Either bring your car into one of our dedicated service stations across the Greater Toronto Area or opt for mobile servicing and we will drive out to your commercial or residential location. No need to look left and right for Tesla repair near you when just about any location can be your service location. For the best Tesla repair service in Canada, don’t hesitate to choose Kambio — a trusted mobile auto repair service provider with years of notability among locals.

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Tesla Tire Services and General Maintenance Check-Up


Tesla Tire Change

Anything from flat tire replacement, to seasonal tire changeover and tire balancing for your Tesla vehicle.


Seasonal Tire Storage

Store your seasonal tires in a secure environment for 6 months and they can be retrieved anytime with a 72-hour notice.

We do


Tesla Tire Repair

Request any tire repair service from puncture fixes, flat tire repair, tire pressure maintenance, and more.


Tesla Vehicle Maintenance

HEPA filter replacement, Tire Rotation, Brake Fluid Test, Winter Care, and more.

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Tesla Tire Repair Services and Check-Up

While car care and maintenance for Tesla models differ from gasoline-based vehicles, you still don’t have immunity from possible damage to your tires. That’s where Kambio comes along to handle all of the tire-related hassles. We provide full Tesla tire replacement after flat tire repair procedures, for seasonal tire changeover, and tire rotation, balancing, and wheel alignment. Does my Tesla require special tires and is changing a Tesla tire an issue? Believe it or not, tires for Teslas do not differ greatly from other cars in the market, so why is it difficult to find a place which services Tesla tire change or repair? Most auto service providers simply do not service Teslas or electric vehicles in general, they avoid taking on the task of servicing the tires as well. Bring in your Tesla to Kambio or book an appointment for mobile servicing and we’ll ensure your Tesla tires are in reliable hands.

Tesla Maintenance Service in Toronto

Despite how much car technology is developed and finessed, no vehicle is indestructible and requires maintenance. Tesla owners will be glad to hear that a handful of repairs and maintenance simply aren’t necessary in the case of Teslas, such as oil changes, emissions checks, and spark plug replacements. What kind of maintenance does a Tesla need specifically then? There are a handful of general maintenance needs your vehicle will have from time to time, such as: - Winter care is still a must. You should clean and lubricate your Tesla brake calipers every 12 months or so. - HEPA filter replacement — It is recommended that you replace your air filter at least every three years. - Test your brake fluid for contamination and replace it accordingly every two years.

Overall, Teslas, especially the latest models, are proven to be less “high maintenance” and may require repairs anywhere upwards of 3-6 years after purchase. Despite this, keep a close eye on any signs of possible inconsistencies with your vehicle and address them accordingly to preserve your Tesla to its full potential. Does your Tesla need maintenance? Then opt for one of the best and trusted mobile auto service providers in the GTA area — Kambio. By choosing Kambio, you are choosing comfort and innovation in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions+-

You have the ability to conveniently live stream the service being performed on your vehicle, as well as receive a detailed work order with our Kambio’s signature of completion.
All of our work is guaranteed, and we ensure your full satisfaction on the services performed on your vehicle. If in the rare event a customer experiences damage to their engine and the failure was proven to be caused by our products or service, we will either repair the engine or fully provide a replacement for your vehicle. Please ask our reservation team for more details.
Absolutely. We carry full garage insurance and coverage, and all of our Kambios are WSIB.
We only use high quality, name brand lubricants including synthetic oil. We use the correct viscosity of oil for your vehicle, as recommended by the manufacturer.
At this moment we are focused on our core service of on-location oil changes. Our added value services include but are not limited to seasonal tire change and storage, tire rotation, waterless car wash and other services as suggested by our customers.
Our prices are subject to the type of oil your vehicle OEM has suggested, and the location of the service. Our average going rate is $97.00, which includes up to 5L full synthetic oil, a new filter and travel time. Once you proceed with booking an oil change you will be provided with the exact price.
We’re currently in the GTA. Our main service points are commercial locations as well as residential locations after-hours.
Our services are catered to light duty vehicles.
No, what’s so cool about Kambio’s service is that you can continue doing what you love, while we do the same! You also have the freedom to live-stream our service from behind your desk.
We understand that your satisfaction is very important and that untidy work is not acceptable. We always place a large, absorbent safety mat under the vehicle before beginning an oil change. We also use over-sized oil drain pans, and we have special Spill Kits on hand in case a spill does happen. We are very concerned about the environment and about your vehicle.
Kambios are our operator technicians who are certified auto machanic's. They all have a minimum of 5 years experience as a mechanic and are passionate about changing the automotive service industry.
All of our waste oil and filters are recycled by Waste Management partners. None of it ends up in landfills.
Kambio was created for those who value time. Whether you are running a business, managing your busy lifestyle, using your vehicle for pleasure, or simply don’t have the time to travel to the dealership or lube shop, we offer the convenience of coming to you. Kambio delivers convenience, quality of work, and the value of time.
Our service hours for commercial zone clients are from 8:00am to 4:00pm, and residential clients from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. It’s recommended to check our scheduling portal for accurate service availabilities.
Yes. Our hours are 9am – 3pm.
Yes and No. it’s always recommended to check booking the schedule to see our operation hours on public holidays.
We require credit card information upon reservation in order to secure your booking.
You must cancel your booking at least 12 hours in advance in order to avoid any fees. Should there be a no show when the Kambio arrives, there will be a $50.00 cancellation fee charged applied to the credit card.
You can book your reservation by calling our live reservations at 1.844.526-2461 minimum of 24 hours in advance, or several weeks prior. You may receive same day service so long as your booking is done prior to 1:00pm EST. You’re always suggested to check with our live reservation team for availabilities.