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What to Do if You Have a Flat Tire?

Some drivers go through life without ever experiencing a flat tire, whereas others appear to be cursed to have to deal with it on a regular basis. Whatever your current situation is, you must be prepared to act if the worst occurs. Fortunately, we’re here to demonstrate to you how to deal with a flat tire.

We’ll walk you through the procedures you need to take if you realize you have a flat tire, such as how to fix and repair it, in this article. We’ll also give you some additional tips to assist reduce your chances of getting a flat tire.

Source of the Leak

The first step, regardless of any instrument you have available, is to locate the puncture location. Obviously, if you ran over something like a nail, this won’t be a problem, but discovering a hole in a punctured tire isn’t usually so simple. Try the following to find the source of the leak:

Visual examination: You might start by inspecting the tire for apparent punctures or foreign items (like nails).

Listen: Place your ear close to the tire and hear for a mild hissing noise if you don’t see anything straight away.

Feel: Hold your hand slightly above the tire to sense for outgoing air might sometimes reveal an otherwise unseen puncture.

Water and soap: Try the soap and water approach if everything else fails. Fill a bucket halfway with water and pour in the dish soap. Then, using your fingers or a spray bottle if you have one, carefully wash the outside of the tire in the soap until it is completely covered. You’ve located the leak when the seeping air creates a little frothy patch of bubbles. Make a mark on it, then wash it away with soapy water.

Puncture Sealant Product

Another solution you could use to permanently mend a flat tire till you can repair it with a fresh one is with a tire plug kit. There are a variety of kits available, ranging from one of the most simple tools to a variety of instruments for each scenario. The following are the essential tools for repairing a flat tire: a rasp tool, a threading tool, the plug itself, and cement or sealant.

Most puncture sealant products are available in an aerosol can and don’t need any additional equipment. While the particular guidelines may differ from one product to the next, they always work in the same way.

Before using a rupture sealant, make sure you read the product’s directions on the can. They’ll most likely look like this:

Step 1: With a sharp instrument, extract any foreign objects, such as a nail, in the first step.
Step 2: Place the valve stem near the top of the tire.
Step 3: Screw the nozzle from the sealer container onto the valve stem.
Step 4: Push a button to let the liquid in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Would It Take to Change Flat Tires?

The time it takes to fix a car’s flat tire is determined by how soon you can locate the puncture, how much air pressure the tire loses, and how much you have to jack up the vehicle. A flat tire might take anywhere between five minutes to two hours to repair in most cases.

Can You Drive on a Flat Tire?

It’s possible, but it’s not advised. Riding on a flat tire may cause damage to your vehicle and cause you to lose control.

Step By Step Guide on How to Change a Flat Tire

  1. As soon as possible, pull over to the side of the road.
  2. Make sure your hazard warning flasherss are turned on.
  3. Put the parking brake on.
  4. Add wheel wedges, heavy pebbles, or sticks as needed.
  5. Put your spare tire and jack in your vehicle’s storage.
  6. Disconnect the hubcap or tire cover from the injured tire.
  7. Disconnect the wheel nuts on the flat tire’s wheel.
  8. Lift the wheel off the ground with the jack.
  9. Remove the lug nuts.
  10. Get rid of the flat tire.
  11. Hand-tighten the lug nuts after mounting the spare wheel on the lug bolts.
  12. Lower the car and secure the lug nuts once more.
  13. Disconnect the jack and totally lower the vehicle.
  14. Put your items away.
  15. Examine the extra tire’s pressure.

What should you do if your tire goes flat? First and foremost, ensure your safety by exiting the road in a secure spot. Make sure to reach out for professional flat tire change services near you, for a safe and affordable solution if you don’t have the means to change it yourself.

At Kambio we are proud to provide the best mobile auto repair services in Toronto, that combines all car maintenance solutions in one place, including general tire change, winter tire change, and all-season tire change.

Make sure to contact our professionals for further assistance!

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