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How to Inspect Your Tires?

Even experienced drivers frequently disregard tire safety from time to time. However, tires must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to guarantee that a vehicle is safe to drive.

Certain elements of tire repair can be handled by car owners, but the majority of the more complex tire repair activities should be handled by an expert. Prior to driving your car, make sure your tires are in good working order by inspecting them as outlined in the tips below.

Do you also want to know how to check tire quality, how to check tire tread, how to tell the age of a tire and more? Let’s check the details together.

Examine the Tread Depth

The length between the tread of your tire and the bottom of the channels of your tire is known as tread depth, and it is normally calculated in one 30 of an inch (1/32″) intervals. It’s time to replace your tires if the tread is below 2/32′′.

Your tires’ tread depth ensures that you have sufficient friction to grasp the road. A penny test, which involves placing a penny inverted in your treads, is a simple way to determine the depth of your tread. If the top of Lincoln’s head is seen, it’s probably time for some new tires.

Wearing out the tread on your tires can render your vehicle hazardous and prevent it from performing as effectively as it should, especially during slippery or frozen roads. Treadwear indication bars are also built into the tires to aid with tire maintenance. You require new tires if the wear bar is parallel with the tire ribs.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Inspect to see if your tires are adjusted to the correct pressure. Regular inspection and maintenance of your tire pressure are critical for your safety, as it helps to avoid premature tire wear since both inflated and underinflated areas cause uneven contact with the ground across the contact area of your tire.

A tire pressure sensor is yet another item we suggest acquiring. Because temperature affects the measurement, the ideal opportunity to test your tire pressure is in the morning while your wheels are cold.

Examine your vehicle manually if you can’t find one. If your tires are higher than the acceptable PSI, gradually remove air and monitor your gauge till you reach the required PSI. Add air until you attain the expected PSI if you’re underinflated.

Examine the Tire Condition and Age

You should examine your tires for any deterioration or circumstances that might need their repair in regard to tread depth and inflating pressure. Check for scratches, rips, perforations, bulges, lumps, or cracks in the tread and sidewall. Make sure to consult with a tire service specialist to take a closer look if you notice anything strange or working improperly.

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You also should keep a close eye on the quality of your tires. Your tire tread may endure for years based on how often you travel every year, but only because the tread isn’t burned out doesn’t mean your tires aren’t in need of replacement. It is recommended that tires be taken out of service no more than ten years after they were manufactured, in accordance with industry norms.

Simply look for the DOT stamp on the side of your wheel to establish its age. There will be a four-digit number at the ending of the DOT stamp. This is the code for the date. The week is represented by the first two numbers, while the year is represented by the last two. 4219, for example, indicates that the tire was made in the 42nd week of 2019.

Be Attentive Towards Seasonal Tire Change

It’s no surprise that the environment is changing with the weather, and this has a variety of effects on the pavement. Take the summer, for example. The road heats up quickly, raising the chance of a blowout. At the same time, during winter due to heavy precipitation and ice, the road becomes slippery.

Luckily, tires designed expressly to solve these challenges are available. Tires have different rubber compounds, therefore all-season tires are temperature-resistant while winter tires are cold-resistant.

It is critical to devote time to thoroughly care for your car through regular tire checks and car maintenance. If you live in a harsher area, travel huge distances frequently, or drive on uneven roads, you should test your tires at least once per month, if not more frequently.

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